• The main objectives of using QTrobot for therapy of the children with autism are:

    • Increasing the attention and engagement of the child during the therapy session. 
    • Decreasing the amount of stress, anxiety and meltdowns in children with autism, by proving a controlled and simplified environment for learning. 
    • Increasing the generalization of the skills to children’s normal daily interaction with other humans.
    • Providing frequent, constant repetition. 
  • The embodiment is a key factor in social interaction and engagement. In contrast to computers and tablets, the physical and embodied nature of QTrobot allows expressing personality through body language as well as by voice and facial expressions. The QTrobot’s humanoid body helps the children to generalize the skills they learn from interacting with it to interacting with humans. 

  • QTrobot can take different roles depending on the needs of children, their therapists and the content of the lessons.

    It can be an educational tool or actively play a role of a tutor or an educational play partner. QTrobot tells social educational stories and plays educational games, using which it teaches new skills and positive social behaviors to the children.

    QTrobot is often integrated in existing standard therapy methods as a mediator between the child and the therapist to increase the engagement of the child and simplify the lessons.  

  • Every autism therapist, caregiver, educator and even normal staff of autism centers can use QTrobot to help children with autism learn new social, communicational and emotional skills. 

  • No, improving autism conditions requires intensive behavioral therapies by autism specialists. QTrobot is an educational tool which aims to improve the experience of both the children and their therapists. QTrobot is meant to, on one hand, increase the efficiency and quality of the therapy sessions, and on the other hand, reduce the therapists’ effort.

  • Not at all! QTrobot is extremely easy to use!

    The QTrobot’s graphical interface has been designed for people who do not have any IT knowledge. The QTrobot’s graphical interface enables all autism therapists and caregivers, to not only easily use the existing educational programs, but also to script new interactive programs or to customize existing QTrobot’s educational programs in a way which is more useful for their specific use.

    Anyone who is able to use a smartphone can learn how to use QTrobot only in the matter of few minutes. 

  • Yes, QT comes with different sets of educational programs in the form of games and stories, focusing on necessary skills that children with autism need to be more socially interactive and independent. It also has various entertaining games, dances and sports. You can immediately start using these programs in the training of children with autism, and autism specialists can customize them to be more suitable for individual needs of a child.

  • QTrobot can be even a good play partner for the children in their leisure time. It can keep the children occupied with entertaining games, dancing, doing sports and telling stories. 

  • No. QTrobot doesn’t need an internet connection to function.

    QTrobot has an internal router that enables it to connect to the tablet of the therapist and the tablet of the child independent of external internet connection. 

  • For the moment, QTrobot is only available for professionals. However, we are working on a version that parents can use at home to help their children learn new skills. If you would like to get informed when QTrobot for parents will be available, join our mailing list here

    Also, you can inform the autism center that your child is attending, or the autism professional who is working with your child about QTrobot. 

  • QTrobot is not only beneficial for children with autism!

    Any child with a developmental disorder who benefit from simplicity and frequent repetition or any child who needs to learn social and emotional skills can benefit from using QTrobot.