Engaging and effective robot designed for autism

A new tool that improves the outcome of autism education by increasing engagement

QTrobot is a humanoid robot, built and designed based on scientific approaches to assist in teaching new skills to children with autism spectrum disorder and help them benefit more from educational sessions.

QTrobot, robot for helping children with ASD learn social skills working with a child with developmental disorder, teaching new skills

QTrobot is a tool for autism professionals, facilitating their work by mediating between the child and the human educator, in a fun and engaging way. 

What is inside

The Package for Autism

QTrobot- humanoid expressive social robot for human robot interaction

A little expressive humanoid robot which assists autism professionals in teaching new skills to children with autism

Graphical Interface
Intuitive interface to control the robot and program new educational games, customized for the need of each professional and child with autism

Child Tablet
A tablet interface allowing children to interact with QTrobot during the sessions and receiving visual support and feedback

Educational Programs
Scientific, standard and ready to use educational games to teach new social, communicational, emotional and life skills to children with autism

Cute & Expressive

By having an expressive face and upper body movements, QTrobot imitates emotions and social situations and teaches skills related to recognizing, understanding and regulating emotions. QTrobot facial expressions are designed to be simple, exaggerated and easy to understand and it makes the first steps toward learning emotions and social communication easy to take for children with ASD.   

Graphical Interface

QTrobot has a graphical interface running on Android, allowing autism professionals to have full control of the session. The easy to use nature of the interface allows users to instantly learn how to use QTrobot and create educational applications based on the methods and materials that they have been using on daily bases. Integrating QTrobot doesn’t require any modification in the way that professionals used to teach.

Educational Programs

QTrobot has pre-programmed educational curriculums which are the results of many years of research in the field of autism training.  These curriculums focus on different sets of skills required to build autistic children’s capacities to be more independent and socially interactive. Autism professionals can gain free access to these curriculums, as well as further design their own on the graphical interface. By increasing the dialogue between scientists and therapists, QTrobot seeks to optimize care for children with autism.

QTrobot, robot helping learn emotions, is teaching a new skill to a child with developmental disorder