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Implementation and Support

The core of LuxAI vision is to make robots accessible, affordable and effective in improving the workflow of healthcare and education professionals as well as in improving the health, wellbeing and capacities of children with special needs. Therefore it is our priority to make sure all our customers having a great experience using our robots effortlessly. Our customer service team is here to help you get the most out of your QTrobot and will assist you step by step to easily implement your little robot assistant.

Your dedicated account manager will provide you with various levels of support during and after the robot implementation.


1- Kick-off call

After you received your QTrobot your dedicated account manager will organize a kick-off call to help you with the implementation of the QTrobot. The kick-off call includes a detailed workshop on how to setup QTrobot, how to run already existing content and how to create new content with the QTrobot graphical interface. Also, your account manager will provide you with information on how to decide on choosing the right pre-programmed application for the right child.

The objective of this session is to make sure that every autism professional attending in this session be able to put QTrobot in use immediately and make the most out of the pre-programmed content on the robot. The estimated duration of the session is 2 hours and up to 10 QTrobot users from the institute may participate in the session.

On-Demand Resources

Tutorials and learning materials: 

Your dedicated account manager will provide you with a user name and password to have access to our online courses and materials about QTrobot. Through this online course, you would be able to access step-by-step tutorials and materials supporting you to use QTrobot, to use pre-programmed applications for autism training and develop new content for it.

Autism professional forum: 

QTrobot autism package is not just a commercial solution for autism but a step forward in the state of the art of using technology to enhance learning opportunity and well being of children with autism and special educational needs. Therefore, we are developing an international platform of autism professionals, sharing their best practices, experiences and lesson learnt. Our online forum allows creating a community contributing to the future of the field. By being a part of the customers club of the QTrobot, you will have access to this online forum and you can communicate with a global network of autism researchers and professionals.

Technical support and helpdesk:

In order to make sure that the implementation and usage of QTrobot are associated with the highest rate of customer satisfaction, it is our duty to provide you with the most agile and efficient customer service. Your dedicated account manager will provide you with a username and password for our online forum, so you can directly and effortlessly be in touch with our customer service team from 8 am to 8 pm CET.

Also, you can contact our hotline by [email protected] or by the phone number of +352-28998465

Maintenance and Repair

Based on the warranty and maintenance package that you have chosen on your contract, our customer service team will offer you a variety of services.

  • Premium maintenance: Our premium maintenance package is developed for professionals using QTrobot multiple hours per day, who want to make sure their robot is always ready to deliver the best service. Through the premium maintenance package, we make sure that there is no time that you don’t have a robot in hand due to technical issues or repair. If your robot requires any repair, on the same day you send the robot to our repair service, we will ship you a robot.
  • Regular maintenance: Through our regular maintenance we commit to send you the repaired robot or a replacement robot within 10 days if your robot requires any repair.

If you have any question related to the implementation support, please contact us by [email protected]