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for Learners with Autism and Special Educational Needs

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For learners with Autism and special need education

QTrobot curriculum for early stage development for learners with autism

Early Stage Development

This curriculum focuses on teaching skills related to the early age development of children covering the developmental age of up to 48 months. It practices a variety of skills related to social, cognitive and language development.

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emotional ability training curriculum for children with autism spectrum disorder

Emotional skills training

QTrobot emotional skills training focuses on teaching skills related to emotion recognition, understanding and regulation, allowing the learners to practice emotional abilities in a simplified manner.

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QTrobot curriculum to teach social skills to children with autism

Social Skills Training

QTrobot social skills curriculum is a teaching tool developed to target a variety of social skills in children with autism in an engaging and step by step manner.

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QTrobot robot teaching self help to learners with autism

Self-help Curriculum

QTrobot self-help curriculum focuses on teaching autonomy skills supporting children to develop and practice independence in their life


QTrobot robot teaching cognitive skills to students with autism

Matching Module

QTrobot matching module is a step by step teaching tool allowing learners with autism practice their cognitive skills. 

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QTrobot robot teaching imitation to children with autism

Imitation Module

QTrobot imitation module helps children to practice imitation and following directions from the robot and practice generalization of the skill with a human partner. 


QTrobot robot teaching cognitive skills to children with autism

Spatial Concept Module

QTrobot spatial concept module helps learners to practice propositions and improve their cognitive skills related to understanding propositions. 


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