User-Friendly Humanoid Social Robot for Human Robot Interaction


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LuxAI won the 2017 FNR Award of Outstanding Research-Driven Innovation!

Who can use QTrobot?!


AI & Robotics Researchers

Autism Professionals

Autism Professionals

Parents of Children With Autism

Parents of Children With Autism

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Making Social Robots More Accessible

The venture, called LuxAI, has already received international acclaim and comes with a novel programming interface to make it easier for non-experts to contribute to the platform.

QT Social robot, Programmable by everyone

The business model of LuxAI is developing and constructing so-called social robots. Such robots can be used, for example, in the educational or health system, where they would support trainers and therapists in their work.

QTrobot, Humanoid social robot for children with autism