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QTrobot For

AI and Robotics Researchers

Effortless platform for R&D


Develop engaging applications effortlessly

QTrobot is an expressive, powerful and developer-friendly humanoid robot for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics research.

With exceptional processing capabilities, standard development environment & direct connections to LCD, LAN, Mouse and Keyboard, QTrobot is a stand-alone social robot platform to save your time in R&D and teaching.

No need for cross compilation!

QTrobot For Research

How to program QTrobot?

Graphical User Interface

Script interactive applications, no need for IT knowledge

As easy as using a smart phone!

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Powered by Intel NUC, running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Connect to LCD, LAN, keyboard, mouse

Develop as if it’s your laptop.

Native API for both ROS and Yarp open source robotic frameworks

 Immediately connect with the community!


Software Compatibility




Ubuntu 16.04 LTS




 Intel NUC 6th Generation i5 Processor


8GB DDR4L RAM, 128GB Solid-State Drive


8 inch LCD




QTrobot For Research


Intel Realsense 3D SR300


Wi-Fi Router 

External Connectors

USB-3 & USB-C (HDMI Display, LAN, Keyboard & Mouse)



Microphone array


QTrobot for

Human Science Researchers

Programmable By Everyone

QTrobot For Research


To work with your new user-friendly research fellow, you do not need any knowledge of IT.

QTrobot opens up a whole new world of research possibilities for researchers in healthcare, Psychology, education and developmental disorders.

Our Graphical Interface for Easy Programming 

Using its graphical interface, you can easily script new applications for your QTrobot according to your experiment’s setup. Just by drag and drop, put different components together and build interactive applications to integrate QTrobot in your research. No need to have a robotic engineer beside you!

Using QTrobot is as easy as using a smart phone.


QTrobot For Research

QTrobot is designed to be very socially expressive!

QTrobot For Research
QTrobot For Research
QTrobot For Research
QTrobot For Research
QTrobot For Research
QTrobot For Research

By having multiple animated characters, QTrobot has a versatile face that can show different emotions based on the research design.

QTrobot For Research
QTrobot For Research
QTrobot For Research

QTrobot can help you for data collection!

You can use QTrobot’s cameras and microphones to record video and voice from the experiment and use them for evaluation of the experiment results.

QTrobot can analyze the data from experiment for you. By using face tracking software and eye tracing software QT can give you reliable data about child level and duration of attention. Also QTrobot can analyze the improvements of the child by collecting data from the performance of the child.

QTrobot can also keep track of child progress from the beginning to the end of the experiment.


Check out these sample tutorials to see how QTrobot can be easily programmed using our  tablet graphical interface. 

Step 1

How to make a story for QTrobot?!

Step 2

How to make a card game for QTrobot?!

Research Projects With QTrobot

QTrobot teaching emotion regulation skills to children with autism

The University of Luxembourg is currently conducting research to improve the emotional skills of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This PoC project funded by the FNR is led by Dr. Andreia Costa and Prof. Dr. Georges Steffgen of the INSIDE research department in collaboration with the interdisciplinary center SnT and the robotics company LuxAI.

Social assistance robots: how are they perceived by the elderly?

The University of Luxembourg is currently conducting the ASRIF (Assistive Social Robot Impact on Seniors’ Functionning) pilot study, which focuses on the interest of people aged 65 and over for social assistance robots. This study takes place within the framework of the FEELSAFE project (financed by the University of Luxembourg) led by Dr. Mathilde Lamotte and directed by Dr. Isabelle Tournier. The ASRIF study is carried out in collaboration with Dr. Martine Hoffmann (RBS-Centerer Altersfroen) and LuxAI.

QTrobot as a tool for teaching autonomy skills

The AI robolab has started a pilot project to use QT Robot in the school. In this case the teachers of the C.E.E. Ntra. Sra. Del Sagrado Corazón (León, Spain) started to adapt part of the curriculum to use QT Social robot as a tool for teaching grooming tasks to improve the personal autonomy skills in a group of kids with special needs.