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QTrobot for research and development

Book A Meeting With Our QTrobot Autism Team

QTrobot comes with a large variety of educational activities that are designed to address the educational needs and learning goals of children with different ages and levels of development.

By booking a meeting with our autism team, a specialist will support you by:

  1. Discussing your child’s current level of skills development, their current educational needs, and learning goals.
  2. Informing you about the QTrobot’s educational activities, the age range and skill areas they cover, and how they can be matched with your child’s current level of development and learning objectives.
  3. Discussing how QTrobot can support your child in the long-term for developing new skills and how you can create a consistent at-home education plan.
  4. Showing you demos of the activities that are relevant to your child’s learning objectives.

Booking a consultation meeting is free of charge – we want to help you find the right solution to support your child’s education.