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Parenting a child with autism is often not an easy task. Parents of children with autism need to fight many battles each day to make sure their child is receiving the care they need for their development and growth. A robot for at-home education can support parents in many ways to provide an effective at-home education for their children.

Robot for autism, making special needs education accessible, affordable, and effective

Many parents unfortunately may not be able to access the necessary support for their children, given the fact that in many locations autism therapies are expensive and difficult to access. Autistic children are therefore often left without enough intervention. This can adversely affect their development trajectory.

This leaves parents more and more in charge of the special education of children with autism. However, teaching a child with autism or any other special needs education is not an easy task for parents to manage on their own. They consistently need to think about what to teach and how to teach it in a way that is effective for their child.

Technology and social robots are making special needs education accessible, affordable, and effective. They empower parents of children with autism to deliver high-standard, evidence-based, and effective education at home. They provide access to teaching methods that can contribute greatly to the development of their child.

5 ways parents can benefit from using an educational robot for teaching new skills to children with autism at home:

1. Robot works as a medium of joint attention. It facilitates the interaction between the parent and the child in an educational activity

Having both the role of a parent and a teacher is not easy. A lot of times parents have difficulties having their children to sit, pay attention and engage in educational activities.

By using a tool for enhancing the engagement of children with autism, parents would be able to have meaningful and effective at-home educational sessions for their kids, supporting them to develop a variety of life skills including social-emotional skills, language and communication and cognitive, and academic skills.

benefits for parents of children with autism as a medium of joint attention QTrobot facilitates the relation between parent and child in an educational activity at home

QTrobot facilitating interaction between parents and children, helping them to engage in educational activities

Using QTrobot, parents and children can take part in an educational game proposed and guided by QTrobot. They can be play partners, having fun, but learning at the same time.

2. Robot for autism empowers parents to deliver a highly structured intervention that is age-appropriate and scientific

Many parents are motivated to take part in the education of their children. With the pandemic situation, the role of the parents have become even more prominent than before. However, for parents to be able to support their kids at home and teach them new skills in a way that is age-appropriate and effective, it means spending a lot of time educating themselves on what to teach and how to teach it.

QTrobot for autism is a complete educational tool that comes with hundreds of educational activities designed as age-specific curricula. The curricula help parents to have an ongoing well-designed plan of education for their at-home activities with their child.

By following the curricula, parents can create an individualized educational plan that meets their child’s current development level and learning objectives. The learning can therefore be customized to meet their child right at their level.

Delivering a structured language development activity at home using QTrobot

Furthermore, the robot collects data from the interactions and draws progress graphs. The data collection allows parents to know how well their child is progressing and when is the right time to move to the next educational goal.

3. Robot for autism curriculum reduces parents’ effort in searching for visuals, educational materials, and material preparation

Finding the right educational materials for at-home education of children with autism is really time-consuming. As many children with autism are visual learners, they need lots of visuals and pictograms to use in their educational lessons. This means that parents of children with autism need to consistently search for useful educational materials and visuals. Often this also means spending money on buying resources online or offline. Furthermore, parents often need to spend time on cutting and laminating these visuals.

QTrobot comes with pre-programmed activities and lessons that include all the necessary material and visuals needed for teaching the skills to the child.

Having everything at your disposal by simply putting the robot on the table and turning it on, saves parents plenty of time in preparation and getting set up for teaching something new at home.

4. Allowing parents to have educational sessions based on their convenient time schedule

Having to book appointments and then make sure you can arrange your schedule around your child’s lesson plans can be very challenging. Also, if something happens, your child gets sick, has a rough day, or is not able to focus at the session time, then you will lose valuable time and money.

With an educational robot that teaches your child at home, you can arrange the educational lessons at your convenience. Also, you can always choose the time that your child has the highest potential of engagement and learning. It can be in the evening or in the morning, when you want, and as long as you see your child staying engaged and motivated.

5. A robot saves money in the long term

An at-home educational robot can support the development of children at home with a fraction of the costs of having such lessons delivered by private tutors.

QTrobot for autism is at your disposal 24/7 and you have as many sessions each month as you see appropriate for your child’s development.

Interested to know how QTrobot can support you in teaching new life skills at home?

Book a free consultation with our specialists, discuss your child’s educational needs and goals and discover how QTrobot can assist you in creating an effective educational environment for your child’s better learning. 


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