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Preeti has been using QTrobot for approximately 10 months with her son. How has it been to integrate QTrobot in daily routines? How does QTrobot help in learning? Would you recommend QTrobot to other families of children with autism? Read Preeti’s experiences about how QTrobot has become the new fun way of at-home learning for her son.

Robot gives long-term support for developing skills in children with autism

I decided to try to QTrobot after I had seen another parent who was using QT. When I got in touch with this parent on Instagram, they told me about QT and gave me great feedback on their experience. I thought this is something actually my son could use, and I know he’ll benefit benefit from it. So, why not give it a try? I’ve tried other things, and as a parent, I was willing to try different things. I thought this is a new, new fun way of learning.

Our experience with QTrobot has been brilliant!

At this point, we have been using QT about 10 months. We’re using it four to five days a week and it’s going really well.

Before QTrobot, I never managed to get him engaged into doing an activity for more than 5-10 minutes. It would be five minutes, then having a break, then five minutes, and then either leaving and coming back a few hours later, or not engaging at all.

With QTrobot, my son is asking me to go with QT and play the games. That’s telling me that he’s happy. He’s enjoying the games. And to be engaged – up to one hour or even more – that’s brilliant. That’s something I had never imagined he’d be focused for so long. Obviously, we’ve tried to keep it at 20 minutes a day. But if it’s weekends, if it’s going longer, and he’s happy and he’s engaged, why not continue?

QTrobot is part of our everyday routine for at-home learning

QTrobot has become part of our everyday routine. My son asks to go on to QT without me prompting it. Even if I forgot to put it on his visual timetable – he will ask for it. We try to keep it four to five days a week, but he still asks for QT on the weekends and if I can, I will fit in.

The reason I have kept it four to five days a week is just to keep him to be encouraged to keep on using it. I don’t want it to become overwhelming, so at least he has that break and it gives him something to look forward to. So he knows Monday’s coming: “right I’m going to be using QT”. The break is there to keep it going. If anything, I think his motivation has definitely increased, from how it was before. It’s a big plus.

QTrobot is very easy to start using

It was very easy to start with QTrobot, and I think that’s due to the support I’ve had. It was easy to set up and I think a big thing is that help has always been on board whenever I need it. It’s straightforward, there’s been no issues and we just got on with it. QTrobot is very easy to access.

child with autism interacting with qtrobot in a fun at-home learning session

How do I plan my son’s lessons and goals with QTrobot?

I try to mix it up and to do each day different sessions. One day we do certain skills and then we go back and do a different one the second day. Then on the third day we go back to the first day just so it gives a healthy balance and also so that he’s not cheating and think ‘right well I did this yesterday, I remember this, I can do it’.

The balance is to keep that motivation going. So he has got a variety of different games and then QT is testing the skills he’s been learning, like, ‘do you remember that from before?’. I think it’s fantastic the way it’s been easy to use, easy to access, and obviously him enjoying it shows that QT is programmed in the right way. That’s what’s keeping him motivated.

child with autism playing qtrobot community helpers curriculum at-home

How is QTrobot compared to other types of support I’ve been receiving so far for my son?

I’d say QT is definitely on the top of my list. Because I’ve struggled to find support and QT has come and it’s just been amazing. It’s the games that are on there, things that you’d have to otherwise buy or print out and do the work yourself. In QT this is already programmed. So I don’t need to go buying resources or going to other places, to find what can help with my son. QTrobot is all in one, it’s a full package to support him.

I would definitely recommend QT to other parents!

I have had a few parents who have approached me and have asked me for feedback and for me, definitely I would recommend it to any other parent out there who’s thinking of getting QT. It is a fun at-home learning for children with autism.

Yes, people do have the question of the cost factor, but you have to value it out. My son doesn’t have a Nintendo Switch, he doesn’t have a PS5, he doesn’t have Xbox. QTrobot is developing my child, it is giving him the skills that he needs, rather than just playing a game. For me QT is a long term investment for your child. It’s teaching skills and it overlaps with the schoolwork that he’s doing at school. So definitely, I would recommend it. For a parent like me who wants to do more with their child.

fun at-home learning for children with autism with QTrobot

Thank you very much Preeti for sharing your story and experiences with us!

This can certainly help many other parents looking for ways to support their child in learning in a fun way at home.

Are you curious about if QTrobot could be the solution for your child, too? Read more parent testimonials or book a free consultation and live demo with our specialists to find out.

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