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This curriculum teaches children to get prepared for being independent in getting dressed, by learning the names of clothing items, their use cases & seasons, dressing sequences and more.

Topics Covered: naming clothing items, matching clothes to seasons, body parts, and occasions, practicing a sequence of getting dressed, describing clothes

Number of Units: 14

Age range: 2-6 years of development

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All About Clothing Curriculum Description:

As part of QTrobot series on autonomy and personal care, the All about Clothing Curriculum teaches some important vocabulary and skills around clothing and dressing. This curriculum expands and generalizes your child’s existing vocabulary around clothing and embeds it in a practical lesson. There are also elements to the lesson that will help your child to generalize some dressing skills to your home setting.

Using the lessons in the All About Clothing Curriculum, children will learn more about various clothing items, their names, their function, and the body part they are worn on. Gamified lessons teach children to make choices in picking the right type of clothing for each season and occasion. Finally, they learn the sequence of getting dressed and the places that they can change their clothes.

The Curriculum also develops conversation skills, learners answer yes/no questions about clothes and practice describing outfits using suitable nouns and adjectives.

The All About Clothing Curriculum provides a comprehensive set of activities that can support a child to be more independent in their own personal care. As always, children will learn through play and will help QTrobot to dress, tidy away clothes, and choose the right clothes for the day’s activities and more.

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Who can benefit from QTrobot All About Clothing curriculum?

The curriculum is designed for children with autism and special needs who may need extra support to learn skills related to self-help and autonomy. The curriculum is accessible for children who speak, and those who use PECS, sign language, or Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Devices. Children practice many skills in receptive language formats, which are universally accessible. Expressive language formats allow children to respond using their preferred communication method.

The activities in this curriculum cover a range of skills related to dressing independently. The early units use simple language and basic instructions and are suitable for early learners or those with limited language.

The later units focus on more advanced skills such as making choices for clothing, answering questions about items of clothing and their uses, and describing other people’s outfits. These activities are more appropriate for older and more advanced learners.

Here are some examples of the All About Clothing curriculum activities:  

Matching identical clothes

Matching identical clothes

Matching non-identical clothing items

Matching non-identical clothing items

Learning about the laundry

Learning about the laundry

Sorting clothing by seasons

Sorting clothing by seasons

You can find the lessons covered by QTrobot All About Clothing Curriculum For autism and SEN here:

Unit 01 – Matching Identical Clothes
Unit 02 – Matching Non-identical Clothing
Unit 03 – Identifying Clothing Items
Unit 04 – Naming Clothing Items
Unit 05 – Matching Clothes to the Body Parts
Unit 06 – Sorting Clothes by Size
Unit 07 – Sorting Clothes by Season
Unit 08 – Sequencing Getting Dressed in the Morning
Unit 09 – Answering Yes/No Questions about Clothes
Unit 10 – Matching Clothes to Activities
Unit 11 – Helping QTrobot in Guessing Clothes
Unit 12 – Learning About the Laundry
Unit 13 – Being Naked Rules and Learning About Where we can Change Clothes
Unit 14 – Describing Clothes