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QTrobot for research and development

Powerful, Robust & Easy-To-Use Platform For Human-Robot Interaction

QTrobot is an expressive social robot ideal for Human-AI research and teaching. It combines the best in the market hardware and software with an attractive interface for engaging human-robot interaction. QTrobot is a robust, reliable and user-friendly platform for both technical and non-technical users to quickly create state-of-the-art social robot applications.

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USD $10,450

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QTrobot For Research Key Values

State of the art hardware & software

Enabling multi-disciplinary and diverse social robotics use cases in Health-tech, Education and Social Sciences

Developer-friendly environment using Ubuntu and ROS

Novel graphical development environment for non-IT users

Robust platform, suitable for intensive working hours

Engaging and motivating, for children and for adults

Multilingual supporting tens of languages for text-to-speech

Research & Teaching Use-Cases

Human-centered AI

Human-robot interaction

Children’s developmental disorders & interventions

Geriatrics care research

Coaching and rehabilitation

STEM education

Internet of Things

Robot ROS SDK for research and development

Included In The QTrobot Research Package:

QTrobot for research device  

ROS SDK for Text to Speech, Skeleton Tracking, Image Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, and more!

2 Android tablets with the LuxAI Operator and Learner apps pre-installed

3-years license to LuxAI Studio with 250 MB cloud storage and up to 250MB upload and download per month

USB-C adapter for HDMI, Ethernet and additional USB ports

QTrobot Stand

ROS API for programming in C++ and Python

Emotion detection, age and gender detection, and face tracking powered by Nuitrack

Full Body Skeletal Tracking and gesture recognition, powered by Nuitrack

Sound detection & localization powered by integrated Respeaker mic array

Text-To-Speech in the chosen language powered by Acapela

Image recognition powered by Find Object 2d

QTrobot comes with integrated voice recognition services and corresponding ROS API supporting more than 20 languages. The voice recognition performance is enhanced by leveraging the ASR and noise suppression capabilities of the Respeaker far-field microphone array.


QTrobot For Research & Teaching Support

We are here to support you to develop your use-case efficiently and easily using your QTrobot. Our support package for research includes:

kick off call for a quick start with QTrobot

Complete documentations, demos and tutorials at

Email and video call support to answer all your questions, contact us at [email protected]

Interested To Incorporate QTrobot Into Your Research Project? 

Book a live demo and discuss your research project with our team and evaluate how QTrobot can be used for your research.