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“We have been using QTrobot for the last 7 months to teach new skills to our children at home and we use it pretty much every day. Depending on the day and how our sons feel we use it for 10 minutes or more for each of the boys. My kids have a short attention span, and it is really nice for us to be able to work with them in short, but frequent and consistent sessions.”- Says Nick who is the father of two boys with ASD.

We have got two sons, one is non-verbal and uses PECS for communication. The other one is verbal, but he is not very comfortable to communicate in a meaningful way and talk about what he needs and wants.

Our kids have responded really well to QTrobot. We have seen lots of progress in communicating and certainly, we have seen them doing some things we didn’t necessary thought they would be able to do. I hadn’t necessarily thought that my boys would be able to copy emotions, but with QTrobot they are copying happy faces and laughing and copying sad faces and things like that. Also they have learnt about prepositions like behind and on. If I’m honest, I found that certainly my sons find it easier to work with QTrobot than with us as their mom and dad. 

“QT is quite personable, and it does lots of praise and interacts nicely. My boys have created a very nice relationship with the robot. My oldest is always very excited to work with QTrobot.”

– Nick, Father of two sons with ASD

Something that is really helpful about QTrobot is that it is at home and you can drop it out and use it whenever fits your schedule. It is very convenient that you don’t need to make appointments and go out to get the practice or if your children are having a bad day, you don’t need to commit to a schedule and pay beforehand.

My sons use PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) to communicate and what I really like is that we can use the same system with QTrobot as well. My kids can respond to QTrobot using their PECS cards and for example practice naming and labelling colors and shapes and animals.

at home education for autism using QTrobot
how to teach my autistic child at home using QTrobot

“As a busy parent, when you can come back home after a busy day of work, it is difficult to plan what you want to practice with kids, and it is certainly very difficult to prepare the materials for them. Especially, given that our sons are visuals learners, and we have to prepare the visuals beforehand.”

– Nick, Father of two sons with ASD

The beauty of QTrobot is that it has hundreds of activities that are programmed, and the visuals are on the tablet. So it takes us a few seconds to set the robot up and we are ready to practice, instead of spending hours of finding the materials and printing and laminating them and then forgetting where everything is. With QTrobot we just need to push the button and you can start the lesson.

QTrobot has some many lessons such as activities for teaching letters and numbers of bathroom items and so many more. Now after 7 months of using it we are still very far from over with it and we are excited to really see where it will take our boys over the next months.

QTrobot teaching math to children with autism at home
QTrobot teaching matching by quantity to children with autism at home

Could QTrobot help my child to learn new skills too?

QTrobot teaches new skills to children with autism and can be helpful for children in many different stages of learning. As each child is unique, we offer the possibility to discuss the suitability of QTrobot during a one-to-one meeting with our specialist team. You can book a free live demo with our team of specialists to discuss more.

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