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“Rayan is my first child and he has autism. Now he attends a special needs school in France. QTrobot was introduced in the school in one-to-one sessions and Rayan was working with the robot in the past year.” says Rayan’s mom. 

Rayan really likes QTrobot. He enjoys going to work with it. He feels very happy and motivated to practice with the robot. QTrobot has a childish and nice appearance and it looks very friendly, but at the same time, it makes Rayan work hard. He likes QTrobot’ s behaviors and how it reacts to him while teaching.

Rayan might not understand everything about different emotions, but he can feel it when we are upset or nervous. When working with a robot, it is nice that the robot has these discrete and understandable emotions.


“It makes it easier for my son to focus when he is working with a robot with very simple and understandable emotions and behaviours.”

QTrobot always smiles in the exact same way and when it is not happy for example, it just shows a very clear frown. There is no in-between emotions or behaviors. There is only one very simple and specific feeling at the time. It helps Rayan to understand emotions very easily and learn quickly.

robot helping children with autism to focus
robot improving joint attention in children with autism
improving engagement and concentration in children with autism using a humanoid robot

This is really interesting to have QTrobot at home too. When my son was younger, it was easy for me to teach him new things like simple counting or colors. But when they become older, we as parents doesn’t necessarily have the knowledge and training that is necessary to work with a child with autism, and cannot really help them to be concentrated to learn more advance skills.

“QTrobot can be adapted to many situations. With the robot it is possible to practice new things and it helps parents to know what to do when they want to help their child.” 

Could QTrobot help my child?

Are you interested to hear more about QTrobot and discuss how it could be helpful in your child’s learning process? You can book a free live demo with our team of specialists to discuss more.

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