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QTrobot is an educational device for improving the attention and engagement of students with special needs education and autism. It creates a consistent and non-overstimulating teaching environment for practicing various life skills. QTrobot for special needs education package offers a large variety of ready-to-use and customizable educational curricula with hundreds of coherent and comprehensive teaching units for social, emotional, cognitive, and language development.

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QTrobot Teaching Platform

USD $3,320


– QTrobot Device for Teaching
– QTrobot Stand
– QTrobot electricity plug
– 2 x Ten inches Lenovo tablets

Software Subscription

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Is QTrobot Right For Your Students With Special Needs Education?

Book a free consultation and live demo with one of our special needs education specialists and discuss your students’ strengths, needs, and learning goals, and find out how QTrobot educational lessons can be adapted to your needs, practice method, and your students’ individualized learning goals.


Watch How QTrobot Has Helped Professionals In Supporting Students With Special Needs Education 

QTrobot Awards For Innovation & Impact

World Economic Forum - 2021

Smart Toy award

World Economic Forum – 2021
CES 2019 award

Tech for a better world

CES 2019 award
EU Commission - 2019

10 Best Ideas from Europe

EU Commission – 2019
European Investment Bank - 2018

Best Social Innovations

European Investment Bank – 2018
Abu Dhabi Ministry of Economy - 2020

Technology Innovation Pioneer award

Abu Dhabi Ministry of Economy – 2020


What Your Students Can Learn From QTrobot?

Early Stage Development

This curriculum focuses on the developmental milestones of the first 48 months, including social, cognitive, receptive and expressive language development

Social Skills

Using this curriculum, students can learn a large variety of social skills from beginner to advanced about how to interact, ask questions, respond to questions and make conversations.

Emotional Abilities

The QTrobot emotional ability curriculum supports students to learn emotion recognition and labeling, connecting situations to their emotional outcome and calm down strategies.

What Is Included In The Robot Package For Special Needs Education?

QTrobot Hardware

1 x QTrobot hardware – Teaching Version

Two Tablets

The tablets come with pre-installed and ready-to-use apps (One educator app and one learner app) 

QTrobot Security Platform

Allowing you to securely use the robot and attach it to a desk for a higher level of safety when working with students. 


1 year – with an option to extend by a further 1 or 2 years

QTrobot For School Subscription Plan 

The annual QTrobot for schools software subscription provides license to:

QTrobot Educator App

To access educational units, register and choose learner profiles, and run the units with QTrobot.

QTrobot Learner App

To show visual support to students and to allow them to play image-based activities.

Educational Curricula

To access the QTrobot Curricula in the curriculum bundle. 

Reporting Dashboard

To access the reporting & progress monitoring dashboard of QTrobot for following the learning progress of each individual student. 


QTrobot Implementation Support For Special Needs Education Schools 

QTrobot for schools is a true plug-and-play solution and it’s designed to be user-friendly for non-technical users such as teachers and therapists. The implementation support is however available for all schools, free of any extra charge.



After receiving QTrobot you will have an onboarding meeting, where our team will help you to set up QTrobot and access the reporting dashboard. In this kick-off call, you will also learn how to create an individualized educational plan for each student by choosing activities from the ready-to-use curricula and how to control QTrobot’s behaviors with a click of a button in the sessions.

On-Demand Support

On-Demand Support

Our team is dedicated to making sure you can use your QTrobot in the most effective way possible. On-demand calls are available for your team for troubleshooting and training the new staff. These support calls can be booked from our support calendar at your convenience or by writing to [email protected] 


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