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QTrobot is an expressive little humanoid robot, designed and built based on scientific approaches to assist in teaching new skills to children with autism and special educational needs. QTrobot supports children to learn cognitive, social, communication and emotional skills and helps them benefit more from educational sessions.

How QTrobot teaches new skills to children with autism spectrum disorder?

QTrobot uses interactive educational methods, such as games, role-playing and social narratives to teach and practise new skills in a fun and engaging manner. It uses simple verbal language to communicate with children. It also combines talking with showing visual stimulus and images in a tablet, to make sure children can fully understand the content of the sessions. QTrobot can also add emotions and gestures to the sessions to teach social, communication and emotional abilities.
The complexity of the verbal and non-verbal interaction is based on the developmental age of children and is related to the learning objectives for each child. The complexity of the interaction gradually increases based on the developmental and cognitive abilities of children.

Tech Specs

Please note using QTrobot requires an active subscription to QTrobot Software Subscription.

  • Dimension: 64cm x 22cm x 36cm [HxDxW], Arms open: 80cm, Weight ≈ 5kg
  • Computing: Raspberry Pi 3
  • Vision: –
  • Microphone: –
  • Audio: stereo 2.8W Class D
  • Connectivity: WiFi: 1 IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Tablets: Two 10″ Android tablets
  • Face Display: 8inch TFT 800×480
  • Motor Specifications: Gear: metal


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