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We are using QTrobot for a year now, and it has taught Jay so many new skills that we couldn’t teach before

“We used QT at least 5 nights a week for the past year. Jay’s interest in QT has only grown with time. There have been some things that we have tried to teach him without QT, but getting him to understand what we were trying to teach was difficult. We would have QT teach him the same things, and he would catch on and be able to learn what we couldn’t teach.  For example, it was QT who showed Jay how to wave hi, which we could not get him to do before.”

my kids are far more motivated to sit and do some work with a robot than me

“Over the past six months, we have been working with a QT Robot.  I have to say my kids are far more motivated to sit and do some work with a robot than me.  Using the robot too show different emotions is a particular benefit, the robot can help the user to learn about social interaction and emotions without any pressure.  It is also great for speech therapy and language comprehension.”

QTrobot, The Robot Who Made A Difference In  Nils’ Social Skills

“We always wanted to get more help for Nils. When we heard that a robot is teaching about emotions we decided to give it a try. 

During the training, QTrobot taught him about recognizing emotions and about how to handle emotions and help himself to feel better. After the training, I see many changes in Nils and I am sure they happened because of the training with the QTrobot.

Before whenever he felt frustrated, he couldn’t identify what was the reason and therefore he couldn’t find any way to help himself. Now he is very open about talking about himself and he can now express the reasons behind his emotions. ”

QTrobot helped Eli to reflect and learn about his emotions

“QTrobot is very cute and friendly. This is what Eli liked. He was interacting with QT as it was a child. He knew that it is not a human, but for him, QT was not also an object.

QT helped Eli to learn more about emotions. It taught him about the colour of emotions, helped him to categorize emotions and understand what each one means. It also taught Eli that sometimes his emotions are too strong and he can control these strong emotions.

Eli was really enthusiastic about working with QT. He was telling us a lot about what the robot said or did in the emotional training sessions.”

QTrobot behaves very simple and understandable. It helps Ryan to stay focused

“Ryan really likes that QTrobot behaves very simple and clear. QTrobot always smiles in the same way and when it is not happy, it frowns clearly. When it shows a feeling there is no in-between. There is only one clear emotion at the same time. It really helps Ryan to understand better and be more focused.

QTrobot looks very childish and friendly but at the same time, it keeps Ryan working and practising. This is really effective.”