QTrobot is a humanoid expressive robot for parents of children with autism for at home education and teaching social, emotional and communication skills.
QTrobot provides a friendly and effective setup to attract children’s attention for teaching and practicing life skills at home. The bundle includes the QTrobot device, monthly subscription for license of software, license of LuxAI Default Curriculum Bundle, and monthly support calls. For more information about QTrobot for home visit QTrobot for parents page here!

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QTrobot Teaching Platform

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– QTrobot Device for Teaching
– QTrobot Stand
– QTrobot electricity plug
– 2 x Ten inches Lenovo tablets


Software Subscription


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The QTrobot for Home bundle includes the QTrobot teaching device and monthly software license subscriptions with a minimum of 1-year commitment. The subscription can be cancelled after the first year, however, note that having an active QTrobot for Home Software Subscription is required to continue using your QTrobot. The bundle includes the following components:

  • QTrobot Device for home,
  • 2 Tablets: Tablets come with pre-installed apps for 1) Parents: to run the educational sessions and control the QTrobot during the sessions 2) learner: to receive visual stimuli and support and to play image-based games with QTrobot as part of the educational sessions
  • Autism Content: The LuxAI Default Curriculum Bundle includes more than 100 teaching units for Emotional skills including 18 units on emotion recognition, imitation, generation, labelling, understanding and emotion regulation as well as more than 100 units for early-stage development on cognitive, social, receptive and expressive language targeting up to 4 years of the developmental milestone.
  • Content Store: The QTrobot curriculum store provides access to additional curriculums you can subscribe to.
  • Analytics Dashboard: A dashboard with real-time insights into your child’s educational activities with QTrobot, so you can gain a comprehensive overview of the achieved learning goals, see the upcoming educational units and monitor the progress.



Tech Specs

Software Specifications: The QTrobot for Home software subscription provides a license to use:

  • QTrobot Parent App for running QTrobot programs
  • QTrobot Learner App used to show visual content to the Learner and receive his/her feedback through touch screen
  • QTrobot Early Stage Development Curriculum
  • QTrobot Emotional Skills Curriculum
  • Reporting Dashboard – up to 3 child profiles

Hardware Specifications: QTrobot hardware for home

  • Dimension: 64cm x 22cm x 36cm [HxDxW], Arms open: 80cm, Weight ≈ 5kg
  • Computing: Raspberry Pi 3
  • Vision: –
  • Microphone: –
  • Audio: stereo 2.8W Class D
  • Connectivity: WiFi: 1 IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Tablets: Two 10″ Android tablets
  • Face Display: 8inch TFT 800×480
  • Motor Specifications: Gear: metal

Warranty and Support

The goal of LuxAI team is to make sure parents can use QTrobot effectively and make the most use of the solution to support the development of new skills in learners with autism spectrum disorder and special need education. Therefore LuxAI has extensive support designed to ensure the high value of the solution for parents of children with autism and SEN. the support includes:

  • Online Training: QTrobot for home includes a set of parent training video materials focused on supporting the parents on:
    • choosing educational units of QTrobot based on your child’s educational needs
    • supporting your child during the interaction with QTrobot to obtain success
    • extracurricular activities to facilitate learning and generalization of skills
  •  Implementation Support including:
    • kick-off call for a quick start with QTrobot
    • Monthly meeting with LuxAI special need education team to answer your questions and support you to benefit the most from using QTrobot
    • Additional support to answer all your questions through [email protected]
  • Warranty:  2 years, Visit warranty section for more information
  • 30-Days No Question Asked Return Policy: Try QTrobot at home for 30 days. If you and your child don’t love QTrobot, just contact us within 30 days of receiving your robot and we’ll provide you with a full refund except for the costs of shipping you the QTrobot. The refund is also conditioned on that we receive back the QTrobot no later than 50 days from its initial delivery date to you. Please see our Terms and Conditions for details.


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