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Run an Educational Activity using QTrobot

Welcome to this guide on how to conduct a session using QTrobot without prior setup on the online dashboard. This is particularly useful for spontaneous or unplanned educational sessions.

Step 1: Prepare Your Equipment and Profiles

  • Ensure that your Cutie robot and both tablets (educator and learner tablets) are powered on and operational.
  • Confirm that you have a learner profile set up. This profile is crucial as it allows Cutie robot to collect interaction data and performance metrics, which are essential for detailed reporting. If you need help setting up a learner profile, please refer to our previous tutorial.

Step 2: Access the Educator’s Tablet

  • Navigate to the ‘Activities’ tab on the educator app.

Step 3: Select an Activity

  • To find an activity quickly, use the skills dropdown at the top of the screen to filter activities by skill category.
  • For example, select “Emotional Literacy” to filter activities relevant to this skill.
  • Further narrow down your options by selecting a specific goal within the Emotional Literacy category, such as activities that enhance self-awareness and emotional understanding.

Step 4: Initiate the Activity

  • From the filtered list, choose an activity, such as “Internal Feelings and Triggers of Anger.”
  • Click the play button next to the activity to start.
  • The robot will prompt you to confirm the learner for this session. You can approve the displayed learner or choose a different one from the list. 

Step 5: Add Activity to Learner’s IEP

  • Since this is the first time this activity is conducted with the selected learner, the robot will ask if you want to add this activity to the learner’s IEP.
  • Confirm ‘Yes’ to add it, which allows easier access to this activity in future sessions from the learner’s profile.

Step 6: Start the Session

  • Once all settings are confirmed, select ‘Start’ to begin the educational activity with the learner.

Step 7: Access the Learner’s Profile for Review

  • After the session, go back to the ‘Learners’ tab on the main menu of the educator tablet.
  • Locate the learner you worked with and tap on the icon for assigned activities next to their name to view details.
  • Here, the activity you just conducted will be listed as ‘in progress’, indicating the need for further practice to achieve mastery.

Step 8: Review Session Data

  • To view detailed performance data, log into the QTrobot online dashboard at
  • Access the learner’s profile from the learner repository and go to the ‘Activities’ tab.
  • Click on ‘Activity Report’ next to the relevant activity to view detailed session data, including the number of attempts, success rate, and specific performance on discrete questions during the activity.

Congratulations! You’ve now successfully run an educational session using QTrobot, tailored to the learner’s needs without prior planning. This method offers flexibility and immediate engagement with educational content, enhancing the learning experience.

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